014/08: Isn´t it a shame?

To be on a rehearsal with Your band can be a shame. The things are going on and on and on. You have to work hard to be successfull with Your project. But forget it, if Your band is not professional enough. Drummers have to be tight and really ‚on the line‘ of success, and if not, this project will not groove. This is the truth. Another case is, if your groupplanning is in a destructional situation. For example, if You do some playlists for Your group and You are the only one, who does it, be aware of it: Watch, what Your other groupmembers will do with that constructional stuff. If they put it in the oven, smash them, not Your papers, but Your group members. It`s nice, to have a little distance about these thinkings….I will wait, but not longer as it is possible. Have fun, folks…

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