Slap Stick Drummin – Johnny Rabb & Benny Greb

Johnny Rabb & Benny Greb - Slap Stick Drummin
Johnny Rabb & Benny Greb – Slap Stick Drummin

Every year the company Roland Meinl in Gutenstetten, Bavaria, is doing a big drummers drummers event with a big showcase of international best known drummers. It is one thing, that you can imagine, how fast & quick these drummers are playing. But it one another, that some of them have show talents. So any situation like this is a little bit funny. To do some ‚hand stuff‘ with hands, stamping down with both feets, and just hanging around on a simple chair. That can mention everything to a good drummer. Have fun and see a video of such slap stick drum shows. Foto and film was recorded in Sept. 08 on the drummer event. One thing is bad: next year they will do it in Moscow, but how to make a big trip to Moscow, only to see these drummers? Never mind, there will be another year soon, we hope.

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