Di. Nov 21st, 2023

    Not long ago I wanted to have a percussion drumset without the natural big noise of a normal drumset. Not so much noise, not so much loudness, but the ability to play real drum grooves. I searched in the whole drumshop-economy of Germany, and the only nice substitution for conventional drums I found in the BC Booster Set, Schlagwerk Company Germany. Here You can find a promo foto of it, I get one of it at the end of last year (2008). And if You ask me, to make a summary of my decision: it was a good decision, I am totally satisfied. One little problem ist, that there is a bottom plate of wood at the 26′-Basscajon (black) with two screws at the bottom of the plate. These litte two ‚tools‘ are to fix the bassdrum-cajon on a typical carpet situation on stage or in the rehearsal room. Everybody knows, that a bassdrum will wander & slide over a slicy surface. These two screws habe to be substituted by other, bigger ones. A bad experience is, that the company Schlagwerk did not answer to my question. For me it is a question of guarantees.

    Today I found out, that there is an alternative company on the german market. It´s name is Klanginitiative Percussion, and here you can find the website of this company. If you are able to send other alternative companies, feel free to post details to me. Here is a little video, how it sounds to play this little nice piece of wood.

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