Dennis Chambers and Tony Royster jr, 14 years old

When I first saw Tony Royster jr., I saw a video of him, when he was 12 years old. It was one these drummerdays anywhere and anyhow. It was really amazing. And the video I embedded in one of our homepages was a famous one. I later realized, it was one of the golden videos, every drummer knows well. And I realized, that Tony was not 12 years old now, but about 21 years. The time has flown. But today I found a new old video of him, playing with the incredible Dennis Chambers, one of my big, big favourites. Have fun with this funky drumming video. played live @the day of Holunder

31.05.08 – The famous, xtraordinary played at the day of Holunder. It was a really hot day, but in the evening time we cooled down. We had some shots of the well known Marek Lange, who is a professional band-fotographer. You can find his website external link here. He is a really cool fotographer….have fun and book him, if You need fuc*ing good rock´n roll pics of Your band.

Here is one of his famous fotos

Tommy, drumming at night