drum soloing, an example of playing a lot

The following file is an example of how to do a drum solo, having fun with your drumsticks. And -otherwise- I make a little servertest. The job is to upload a file with 44 mb and to see, what happens? I guess, it will work with fast internet connections. If you are allowed to leave a comment at this website, feel free to give me some words about it….but be patient, this solo is a file with nearly 19 minutes duration, whow, isn´t this a sexual healing?


1996 – mr. man & friends, press your head on my shoulder…

Another fine audio example, how I played these songs in earlier times. The situation was a little bit like home recorders work on audio works. All these audio works were recorded with a 16 track TASCAM recording engine. In the beginning we had a MITEC mixing desk with 40 tracks, later we bought a brandnew Yamaha O2r digital mixing desk, it was one of the newest technical toys You were able to buy in 1996…it was fucking cool, folks…

Hear it and have fun.


Mr. Man & Friends, „It´s not the right time“ – Songs, I played earlier… (1996)



This song is a common work of a big team with so many regards to be successful. We played that song, and we made backing vocals to it with Maja Joel-Dürr and Billy Brooks.

A record company liked that song. They said to us, that we have to play that song in an audition for the german preselection for the Grand Prix Eurovision Contest. But if we do, we have to sing it in german. So we did. Our texter was Norbert Hammerschmidt, who was well known as texter for Hildegard Knef (‚Für mich solls rote Rosen regnen‘) and many other famous artists. We did our work, but suddenly there was a big crise in between the relation of our singer and our keyboarder. They´d been on strike, and the band divorced – one day before the final curtain fell down. Sorry about that, but shit happens….