Hot photoblog: Will Hawkins is a real cool fotographer

I found a really amazing, very good photoblog today. Will Hawkins is a fotographer, who lives in Tampa, Florida. Warm welcome and  best greetings to a real engaged pixelshooter. Have fun and visit his website here….

And from today You can find his link in our category ‚friendly links‘ – as a compliment to his really nice work. Tampa is a hot city in Florida (big airport and big bridges over troubled water…), old ladies sittin´on chromed harley davidsons. My description belongs to a trip in 1997 (my honeymoon), maybe some things have changed…. We will see. Maybe someone will give us a comment about the drumscene of Tampa? Isn´t it too hot for drummin?

1982: Hurt so bad – Mike Kostadinoff & Friends

I recorded this song 1982 with some friends: the composer, guitarplayer & singer was Mike Kostadinoff, guitars by Bert Kunstheim, bass by Torsten Tietz, keyb. by Robin, I can´t remember his last name.  Have fun. The studio was Preussen Ton Studios in Berlin-Wedding, Koloniestr., the former, first preussen ton from David Heilmann and Uwe Hoffmann. The first recordings of the famous band ‚Die Ärzte“ had been recorded in this studio.


(1983) Band ‚Fehlstart‘ – AudioFile

This song was played around 1983. In germany there were the times of ’new german wave‘. This band tried to play in this style. This record was re-edited from analog tape recordings. Today we are using better sound qualities….of course.


Video: Felix M. Lehrmann (Berlin), upcoming talents


Felix M. Lehrmann is more than an ‚upcoming, talented drummer‘. He is listed in many international registers as a talented, worldwide upcoming drummer. We can see him embedded in different projects with unknown (new) bands and with national and international artists. Find out more on my additional links at the end of this Videotipp. He himself says ‚family first‘ in his myspace-profile and maybe this means his membership in the Berlin band Rivo Drei. We have to ask him next time, if we understood something wrong. Not to say to much, please let me show you an example video, in which You can see how many knowledige and faible he can show. Felix was born 1984. Have fun.

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