2008 – REHAB, Amy Whinehouse

blackbirds.tv was an experience. We did some cover songs with Slick Rick, the Chick, and wasn´t she the one? We tried to play REHAB from Amy Whinehouse. This song is a little bit easy listening. One of the main things of this song is the tight rhythm. Listen to one of the reahearsals, this recording was recorded on 22nd of April, 2008.


2008: All that jazz

Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny. (Frank Zappa)

In 2008 I started to play JAZZ as serious as I can. You can hear a recording from october 2008 with a jazz quintett in my rehearsal room. We played ‚Round midnight‚ from Miles ‚the unforgotten‘ Davis. When we started to play, I said ‚Now I don´t play what I can, but I play what´s inside me.‘ The background for this was my guitarplayer Christoph, wo was a critical part of it. His opinion was, that my drumming was to full. So I tried to reduce everything to the main thing, feeling. Have fun.