558/19: HIStory: Kurzer Überblick über den Inhalt des Buchs ‚Sonor in Weissenfels‘ (Arps Verlag/Autor: Klaus Ruple)


#DuoBob #Trowa #Parshipdrummers #TrommelfabrikWeissenfels #KlausRuple - For more informations please visit Instagram-Account of @klausruplesonorvintagedrums oder especially @sonorinweissenfels

#DuoBob #Trowa #Parshipdrummers #TrommelfabrikWeissenfels #KlausRuple – For more informations please visit Instagram-Account of @klausruplesonorvintagedrums oder especially @sonorinweissenfels

Sonor in Weissenfels- The book of Klaus Ruple

The Founder-Story of SONOR – published at the Arps-Verlag Weißenfels , over 245 pages, written bilingual in german and english ISBN 978-3-936341-30-0 – For the first time, an extensive collection of historic facts from texts, pictures and documents of the Link family and the SONOR company has been compiled and reviewed by the SONOR vintage expert Klaus Ruple. Thanks to his research in Weissenfels and to the present book, the company´s unique and pioneering achievements in the area of German percussion instruments manufacturing now appear in the new splender. – Zu beziehen über den Arps-Verlag Weißenfels unter www.arps-verlag.com weitere Informationen auch unter www.sonor-vintage-weissenfels.net

Und wo wir schon dabei sind (1 Artikel rückwärts hier), kann ein kurzer Überblick über das Buch „Sonor in Weissenfels“ nicht schaden.

Bitte schön. Viel Spaß beim Blättern.

(1983) Band ‚Fehlstart‘ – AudioFile

This song was played around 1983. In germany there were the times of ’new german wave‘. This band tried to play in this style. This record was re-edited from analog tape recordings. Today we are using better sound qualities….of course.