Mi. Jun 26th, 2024

    I had been on twitter, because a nice guy posted a tiny url to a video on youtube. And when I saw the clip, it was Cannonball Adderly with his sextet, playin a nice jazzsuite. Every video on youtube belongs to relations to other clips with similar content. The relation was ‚Cannonball Adderly‘, who was a famous sax-player, and suddenly there was this really nice black/white film for the ‚Bossa Nova Nemo‘. And I remembered some drum lessons with my drumteacher Sabine, doin´the Bossa Nova. What nice piece of music. See and listen:

    Quelle: youtube – Nat Adderley, Yusef Lateef, Joe Zawinul, Sam Jones, Louis Hayes from Oscar Brown Jr’s Jazz Scene

    I can recommend, to play the Bossa Nova, it´s such a cute music style. Find out, where You can find playalongs. In Berlin you can find good playalongs with that stuff here. Something makes me wondering: In such a big town like Berlin it´s not so easy to find jazz musicians and instruments like accoustic, upright bass, horns and so on to do stuff like this. Jazz is another dimension of making music in Berlin. The whole scene in internet and in magazines seems to be a hardrock, rock and popmusic-related music scene. To much rock´n roll and -sorry- not enough relations to jazz musicians. Maybe they are orientated on other kind of relations, who knows more about it?

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